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Seduce me with an experience

Let's have an experience and i'll show you how much I enjoyed it ;)

Adrenaline pumping to indulge and relax


[Warning: Your ego may take a beating 😝]
Feel like some friendly competition? Winner gets head first! 

Sports Event
I love watching sport! You will be responsible for me.. This may entail holding me back from sorting out, the blind umpires, players that made stupid decisions or the person next to me for supporting the wrong team. I'll make sure to reward you after the game 😘

Dream Dates

Local winery for wine tasting and dinner! 

I'll be desert! 


Music concert 
You must send me music prior booking me so I can dance along 

Let's swim between tectonic plates, frolic in the Blue Lagoon and witness the Northern Stars. Make my dream come true by taking me to Iceland!!! You may need to warm me up, a lot 😉